Chawan from Dirk Aleksic

Dirk Aleksic

Every year we can offer a carefully selected selection of fine chawan (matcha bowl) by Dirk Aleksic.

All matcha bowls (Chawan) are unique and are made by the artist especially for matchashop. Commissioned works by Dirk Aleksic now take about 9-12 months to complete. We are all the happier to be able to offer you a unique, hand-picked selection of his work again this year.
Dirk Aleksic producing a chawan

Dirk Aleksic was born in 1967 and grew up in Lower Saxony. He discontinued his studies of Japanese studies at the Free University of Berlin after he discovered the Zen monastery Hosshinji in Japan, where he lived continuously from 1998 to 2007 after several short stays. There he was ordained as a Buddhist monk in the tradition of Soto Zen. After returning from Japan, he learned the craft of ceramics as a self-taught artist and has been a professional ceramist with his own workshop since 2011. He is the exclusive supplier of many important Berlin scene and star restaurants.

His work is strongly inspired by modern but also by traditional Japanese ceramics. He says about himself:

"For me, the highest art is to do nothing special."

Each of his matcha bowls is unique, therefore available only once.

Dirk Aleksic in his studio
A video about the artist:

An overview of the work of Dirk Aleksic can be found on his website
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