Matcha from Hekisuien from Uji
Shaded teafields of HekisuienAt the end of the Edo period (1867) Kihei Horii, the first head of the family, founded the Hekisuien company in Uji. Hekisuien produces and sells "Tengu Ujicha" (protected product name). "Ujicha" stands for "Uji Tea". A "Tengu" is a long-nosed imaginary being of Japanese folklore. In Japanese, a confident person is called a "Tengu". In a broader sense, "becoming a Tengu" means to be overly boastful. The product name "Tengu Ujicha" conveys the meaning: "Don't let yourself be overbearing or boastful". The small tea garden in Uji produces excellent Matcha varieties. Due to the often only small quantities available and the high quality, Hekisuien's Matcha is one of the most sought-after varieties for true Matcha lovers.
Shien Matcha
Shien Matcha offers an exceptionally full, yet velvety, pampering concentrated essence of aromas.
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166,63 EUR per 100 gram
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