Japanese Shincha Tea
Shincha (jap. 茶 茶, new tea) is the pre-harvest of a year.

The latest and finest tea leaves are usually produced to a special, limited edition of Japan's best teas. Classic Shincha are superfused teas such as Gyokuro, Kabusecha or even unshaded Sencha. The general harvest time for Shincha is usually at the end of April, the traditional picking of the Shinchai begins in the 88th night (hachijuu-hachi-ya) after the beginning of the spring and thus corresponds to the 2nd to 3rd of May. The main selling time is the Japanese Week of Week (Golden Week) in early May. Many Japanese tea producers organize cheerful parties throughout Japan.

In Germany, there has been a sharp increase in demand for these rare teas in recent years. Shincha is characterized by its light, fresh and sweet taste. You will find an exact preparation recommendation for each tea in the product description.
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