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    5 von 5 Sternen!
    Sonntag, 11. Dezember 2022
    I don\'t often leave a review, but for this tea I simply had to.\r\n16,84 euro yet it tastes like a 40 euro sencha! I\'m amazed at the delicacy of its taste. Called a sencha but actually in-between a gyokuro and a sencha. This is a delucate tea with a very special umami, a little bit sugary, a little bit grassy, a little bit spinach,.. I can\'t really pinpoint any specific aroma, its balance is its forte, never offending. This is such an interesting tea that will lean to any tone depending on the brewing time and temperature.\r\n\r\nHaving said that, it also means this sencha is fragile. I brew it like a gyokuro temperature-wise, but like a sencha in terms of brewing time: first time 60°- 90 sec. , second time 75°- 60 sec. third time 80°- 45 sec.\r\nAll of these three infusions will retain a decent amount of savoury notes.\r\n\r\nAll in all, very highly recommended if you treat it like the special tea it is. In terms of quality-price ratio I\'ve yet to find a better sencha!\r\n
    Yame Sencha Premium, bio