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Not sure which type of matcha is right for you? Want to find matcha based on what you intend to use it for? 

This section has several popular subcategories to help you choose the right kind of matcha. 

If you have never or rarely drunk matcha before, and this kind of green tea is new to you, please visit our Matcha for ... beginners area.

Are you looking for matcha that you can enjoy in its pure form, simply stirred into water? Then the subcategory Matcha for ... enjoying pure is right for you. 

Want to use matcha to make a tasty latte or in cocktails or other mixed drinks? Then follow the Matcha for ... mixed drinks link. 

Matcha can also be used for cooking and baking. But what type of matcha is best for this? Simply follow the Matcha for ... the kitchen link and let us surprise you. 

Matcha is a great ingredient for vegetable or fruit smoothies, as well. Our recommendations for these can be found under Matcha for ... smoothies.

And last but not least you can use Matcha to prepare a delicious Matcha Latte mix. It's like a latte macchiato but with Matcha instead of coffee. Our recommendations for making a Matcha Latte can be found here: Matcha for ... Matcha Latte.

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