Japanese Gyokuro Tea
Gyokuro (jap. 玉露, english"noble dewdrop") is considered one of the highest quality Japanese green teas.

The special thing about Gyokuro is on the one hand the rearing for about 21 days in the full shade and on the other hand the dramatically different preparation, as one takes the approximately 15 times the amount of tea leaves compared to Sencha (Sencha: approx. 6 g for 0,5 l, Gyokuro : Ca.10 g for 0.05 l). By the breeding in the shade, the bitter substances are greatly reduced and one can and should prepare it very strongly in order to bring the special taste into the cup. Its noble aroma is very aromatic and mild.

In Japan, this tea is often used on special occasions to honor its guests.

Gyokuro grows in the Uji cultivation area near Kyoto, in the main Shizuoka area, in the cultivation areas on Kyushu and others. The plants are covered by nets (bamboos) or bamboo, reeds or rice (Hon-Gyokuro) as soon as they begin to end at the end of April. Thus less tanning and bittering substances are formed than in the case of the Sencha and the leaves have a very high chlorophyll content, which contributes significantly to the taste of the tea. Only the softest and softest leaves are used for Gyokuro.

Since this high-quality tea is very sensitive, this is to be prepared with a low temperature between 50 ° C and 60 ° C. Gyokuro loses its gentle, highly aromatic taste when poured with boiling or too hot water. A too hot infusion causes the bitter substances to dissolve and the tea loses its true taste. To ensure that this is not happening, or if the tea is still warm, rinse the teapots or the teapot with hot water so that they are already preheated before the tea is poured and thus cooling of the tea is prevented. Gyokuro and other high-quality teas can also be prepared with melting ice cubes (Shinobi-Cha). The first infusion should be about two minutes. For further infusions (up to eight are possible, three should at least be enjoyed) 30 seconds completely, as long as the leaves are still moist. You will find an exact preparation recommendation for each tea in the product description.
Gyokuro Karigane
A highly aromatic tea, which consists primarily of the leaf ribs. Must have tasted!
(50 grams)
Audited rating.
18,00 EUR
36,00 EUR per 100 gram
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
Gyokuro Shizuoka
A highly praised Gyokuro for everyday enjoyment.
(50 grams)
Audited rating.
28,00 EUR
56,00 EUR per 100 gram
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
Kagoshima Gyokuro organic, exclusive limited Edition, 50g
Bio zertifiziert nach EG Bio
This Gyokuro stands out from many other Gyokuros in origin, production and especially in its natural organic cultivation, which is undoubtedly reflected in the taste.
Audited rating.
48,00 EUR
960,00 EUR per
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
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