Matcha for smoothies

Matcha for smoothies

Matcha is an ideal ingredient for smoothies of any kind. 

A matcha for smoothies should have a slightly stronger and more powerful taste so that it still comes through when mixed with other ingredients. The taste of a very mild matcha would simply be lost in a smoothie. 

Whether you want to tweak your vegetable smoothie with a matcha kick or add a slight hint of matcha to a fruit smoothie, here we offer a range of matcha varieties that make ideal ingredients for smoothies. 

You can find many recipes for smoothies with matcha in our range of matcha books or on our recipe page at

Matcha – The Green Pleasure (german book!)
For Matcha tea, the powdered leaves of high-quality green tea are beaten in hot water. In this form, it is well known for being especially healthy .
12,95 EUR
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
Matcha Uji Midori
We recommend this soft, mild tasty Matcha to you, if you like to practise the tea ceremony. Its name “Uji midori” refers to the rich greenery in the region of Uji at the harvest time. The tea has a deep green colour and develops very aromatically in the mouth.
24,99 EUR
62,48 EUR per 100 gram
incl. 7% tax excl. Shipping costs
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