Japanese Benifuuki Tea

Benifuuki tea - rich in catechins

The tea variety Benifuuki is famous for its uniquely high content of the catechin EGCG and the special catechin EGCG3. The latter is said to be effective against allergies like hay fever and neurodermatitis. Benifuuki a relatively new tea variety in Japan with the scientific name Camellia sinensis - cultivar Benifuuki. Due to the richness of sensitive ingredients such as the catechin EGCG and its special form, EGCG3, an individual processing and steaming method was even developed at the Keiko organic farm, which makes the catechins available and stabilises them in the best possible way.


In order to understand the extremely positive effects of tea, Keiko is in dialogue with the Kagoshima Tea Research Institute and the Japanese scientist Mari Maeda-Yamamoto, who has been researching the health properties of this unusually rich tea for many years. In particular, the bioregulatory effects of the methylated catechins EGCG3 in relation to allergies and obesity are being studied. Their studies can be found on the website


At first, Benifuuki has a light, exquisite bitter note reminiscent of artichokes, from which the characteristic flowery aroma of Benifuuki develops. By choosing the variety, the dosage, the water temperature and the brewing time, you can serve a fine, mild, slightly bitter or full-bitter tea with the Benifuuki. The autumn plucking (Aki-Benifuuki) also contains significantly less caffeine - so the tea can be enjoyed all day long until the evening.

Four Benifuuki teas are available

Keiko offers four varieties of this unusual tea, each with its own advantages:

Benifuuki No 1, from the first plucking of the year is particularly fragrant, balanced in taste, has a lot of EGCG and EGCG3 and a lot of theanine.

Benifuuki No 2, from the second plucking of the year, is tart in taste, contains the most caffeine and has a particularly high content of EGCG and EGCG3.

Aki-Benifuuki is from the autumn plucking, is characterized by its low caffeine content and yet high levels of EGCG and especially EGCG3. Aki-Benifuuki has a slightly milder taste compared to Benifuuki No. 2.

Benifuuki powder is a blend of the three plucks. Due to the powder form, you absorb the whole leaf and therefore all nutrients 100% in the body. Because of the intense taste of Benifuuki Powder, Keiko recommends that you try the correct dosage or simply use it for cooking or mixing. Keiko recommends one strong or two light servings a day. Due to its intense aroma it is very economical in use, even a small amount results in a fine fragrant, well-foaming tea. It is also very tasty when mixed with lime juice and ice cubes.
The high content of methylated catechin in Benifuuki is said to have a highly beneficial effect on allergies, hay fever and neurodermatitis.
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