Family Hayashi (Kirishima)

Shutaro Hayashi in the matchashop Berlin
Family HayashiShutaro Hayashi belongs to the fifth generation of the tea garden founded in 1897 by the great-grandfather, located at the foot of the Kirishima mountains on a high plateau. Most of the family's tea garden parcels are located on a large, almost entirely wooded area. The family-friendly small hall in which the tea processing takes place is centrally located between the relatively small Teegarten parcels. The exceptionally short transport distances for the freshly harvested leaves to the damping allow production without any trace of oxidation, while the variety of different varieties of tea, among others Asatsuyu, Yabukita, Kanaya Midori and Zairaishu (tea-grown plants) Very diverse range of teas.

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Kirishima Tea from Shutaro Hayashi - Garden in the Clouds.

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