Family Nakanishi

Familie Nakanishi
Mr. Nakanishi in his tiny Tencha factoryWhile Matcha has become increasingly popular as a "trend drink" in Europe over the past few years, the tea garden of the Nakanishi family has been a clear contrast to this, by adapting itself in every form to the Japanese origins of Matcha as a venerable drink The Japanese tea ceremony. The High-end Matcha tea garden Nakanishi was established several hundred years ago and has been awarded numerous prestigious awards for Matcha and Tencha over the years.

Nakanishi is not just any Matcha manufacturer, but the only Japanese high-end Matcha tea garden, which places great value on manual work and at the same time works 100% traditionally, as in the old days completely on the use of chemicals waived. The production and cultivation is located on the outskirts of the former capital of Japan, Kyoto, which can also be called the cradle of the culture of the Japanese tea ceremony. For a number of years the traditional company Nakanishi has been certified as a biologically working company, in order to be able to show its ecological way of working externally formally.

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