Matcha Consultant

Matcha Consultant

Welcome to matchashop’s matcha consultant

Matcha Berater von matchashopFrom the many conversations we have had with customers in matchashop Berlin, we know how hard it can be sometimes to find the right type of matcha for each person’s taste. The range of products available is often confusing, especially for new-comers. 

As not all customers can come to our matchashop to receive our assistance in person, we have developed a virtual matcha consultant.

Simply select the criteria that apply to you on the left-hand side and click GO to view the matcha types from our range that meet your selection. 

You can select as many or as few criteria as you like. You can also completely ignore all the criteria and simply search for matcha ‘for baking,’ for example.

The more precise the criteria you enter, the closer the result will match your expectations.

Have questions or suggestions? Then please contact us.
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