Matcha for mixed drinks

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Matcha is an ideal ingredient for mixed drinks. 

Since unlike conventional teas, matcha does not need to steep, but can instead be used directly as a powder, there are plenty of opportunities to combine it with other things. For example, matcha can be used as an ingredient in a matcha latte with hot or cold milk, or in cocktails like ‘green Hugos.’ 

The high caffeine content in matcha means that cocktails made with it keep you going through a long night of partying without the unpleasant side effects that alcohol leaves behind. 

By the way, lots of recipe ideas for mixed drinks with matcha can be found on the recipe page at or in our books with Matcha recipes
Matcha – The Green Pleasure (german book!)
For Matcha tea, the powdered leaves of high-quality green tea are beaten in hot water. In this form, it is well known for being especially healthy .
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Matcha Uji Midori
We recommend this soft, mild tasty Matcha to you, if you like to practise the tea ceremony. Its name “Uji midori” refers to the rich greenery in the region of Uji at the harvest time. The tea has a deep green colour and develops very aromatically in the mouth.
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