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Since 2010 matchashop offers you the finest original Japanese Matcha together with extensive accessories around Matcha. As one of the first Matcha pioneers in Europe, we offer you a wide selection of original Japanese Matcha with a wide variety of different Matcha varieties in various taste nuances from different cultivation areas in Japan.

With great respect for the centuries-old tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony, we give Matcha a new framework in today's modern lifestyle. In addition to the simple preparation, the enjoyment of our many Matcha varieties is our primary concern... similar to the enjoyment of noble grape varieties.

We purchase most of our Matcha varieties directly from the producers in Japan and maintain close contacts with the producers. All our Matcha varieties are certified organic according to EU standards and are completely residue-controlled.

Due to our extensive and long-standing experience with Matcha, we have the competence to support you competently in your choice of the right Matcha. Whether via video consulting in the matchashop in Berlin with our Matcha expert Sandra Wenzl or through our specially developed virtual Matcha consultant.

We have already been able to enjoy each Matcha from our range ourselves and can therefore guarantee the first-class quality of all the varieties on offer.

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The word ‘matcha’ comes from the Japanese and means ‘ground tea.’ Matcha is an extremely fine, jade green tea powder that is ground in granite stone mills. In addition to caffeine, matcha contains natural anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that have an enlivening and harmonising effect on the metabolism. Because the tea is consumed whole, the body enjoys the full range of matcha’s valuable nutrients. L-Theanin, an amino acid contained in matcha, is typical for green tea and has a stress-relieving, relaxing effect alongside the caffeine’s invigourating one. Matcha gives an energy kick that lasts 3-6 hours.

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