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welcome to matchashop, your partner for exquisite original Japanese Matcha and extensive accessories since 2011. As one of the first Matcha pioneers in Europe, it is close to our heart to offer you a comprehensive selection of original Japanese Matcha. Our diverse Matcha varieties from different growing areas in Japan and with manifold taste nuances will inspire you.

We value the centuries-old tradition of the Japanese tea ceremony and at the same time we would like to present you Matcha in a modern lifestyle. For us, the focus is on the enjoyment of our many Matcha varieties, which will transport you to another world in a similar way to the enjoyment of fine grape varieties.

We maintain close contacts to the producers in Japan and obtain our Matcha varieties mostly directly from them. We place the highest value on quality that is certified organic according to EU standards or that is completely residue-controlled. So you can be sure that you get only the best.

Thanks to our many years of experience and expertise in the field of matcha, we can provide you with expert support in your choice of the right matcha. Whether by WhatsApp, phone or online via our specially developed virtual Matcha Guide - we are always happy to help.

To ensure that we offer you only the best matcha varieties, we have already tasted every single variety ourselves and can thus guarantee first-class quality.

We are looking forward to your order and wish you an unforgettable Matcha enjoyment!

Best regards, your matchashop team

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The word ‘matcha’ comes from the Japanese and means ‘ground tea.’ Matcha is an extremely fine, jade green tea powder that is ground in granite stone mills. In addition to caffeine, matcha contains natural anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that have an enlivening and harmonising effect on the metabolism. Because the tea is consumed whole, the body enjoys the full range of matcha’s valuable nutrients. L-Theanin, an amino acid contained in matcha, is typical for green tea and has a stress-relieving, relaxing effect alongside the caffeine’s invigourating one. Matcha gives an energy kick that lasts 3-6 hours.

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Matcha – The Green Pleasure - matchashop
For Matcha tea, the powdered leaves of high-quality green tea are beaten in hot water. In this form, it is well known for being especially healthy .
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