Hoshino garden

Matcha from Hoshino tea garden
Hoshino was a village in Yame County in Fukuoka Prefecture on the southernmost Japanese island of Kyushu. In the course of a land reform it was merged with the neighbouring villages of Kurogi, Tachibana and Yabe to form the community of Yame. The catchment area of the Hoshino River, which flows from the village of Hoshino in the east to the west, has developed into a mountainous area suitable for growing high-quality tea because it is fertile and foggy. From this region the cultivation of Gyokuro is well known. Tea from this region is known all over Japan. 

Gyokuro was produced long before Matcha, but only small quantities were produced.
In 1989 the first production facility for Matcha was put into operation in the Hoshino tea garden, since then excellent Matcha varieties come from this garden. In 2007 another production facility was opened as the demand for these fine varieties continues to grow.

In order to produce good green tea, you cannot use any tea bush variety. It is necessary to use the varieties suitable for Matcha. For the Matcha varieties from the Hoshino garden the tea shrub varieties "Asahi" "Samidori" "Okumidori" "Saemidori" and "Tsuyuhikari" are selected, which are ideally suited for the production of the finest Matcha.
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