Our Bonus Program

Here you get all information about our bonus points program!

What is the bonus point program?

With our bonus points program we thank you for your loyalty. You collect bonus points with every order from 25,- Euro order value. The number of bonus points is based on the purchase value. From 25 Euro you get 25 bonus points, from 50 Euro you get 100 bonus points, from 75 Euro you get 225 bonus points and so on. The higher the order value, the more points are credited to your bonus points account. Regular customers benefit the most from our bonus points program, as they can accumulate bonus points through repeated purchases from us and have them credited to their orders. For each purchased and bonus-eligible product we thank you with bonus points. The respective amount of bonus points is displayed in the shopping cart. In the case of special promotions, individual products or entire product ranges can be specially rewarded with significantly increased bonus points. For example, you receive bonus points for your registration as a new customer and daily for up to 3 recommendations. And of course for buying our products yourself. You collect bonus points only when you place an order yourself in our online store. We do not credit any bonus points for orders placed over the phone or by mail.

The bonus point scales are as follows:

0,00-24,99 Euro purchase value: 0 bonus points
25,00-49,99 Euro: 25 bonus points (corresponds to 1% of 25 Euro)
50,00-74,99 Euro: 100 bonus points (corresponds to 2% of 50 Euro)
75,00-99,99 Euro: 225 bonus points (corresponds to 3% of 75 Euro)
100,00-124,99 Euro: 400 bonus points (corresponds to 4% of 100 Euro)
125,00-149,99 Euro: 625 bonus points (corresponds to 5% of 125 Euro)
150,00-174,99 Euro: 900 bonus points (corresponds to 6% of 150 Euro)
175,00-199,99 Euro: 1225 bonus points( equals 7% of 175 Euro)
200,00-224,99 Euro: 1600 bonus points (corresponds to 8% of 200 Euro)
225,00-249,00 Euro: 2025 bonus points (corresponds to 9% of 225 Euro)
from 250,00 Euro: 2500 bonus points (corresponds to 10% of 250 Euro)
Eligible products are all products that are offered at the regular price in the store. Excluded from the bonus calculation are already reduced products or products that are permanently reduced, for example our sets "Matcha Beginner Sets" or the Teelirium sets. Also excluded from the bonus are products that are reduced for a limited promotional period.

How are bonus points calculated?

The collected bonus points can be redeemed with a new order in the shopping cart:

bonuspointe field

After redemption, the bonus points are earmarked for offsetting and will be credited to an order, the credit is clearly marked on the confirmation page at the end of the shopping process. A subsequent settlement of bonus points on an order already placed is not possible.

When are bonus points credited?

Bonus points collected during a purchase will be automatically credited to your bonus points account approx.14 days after your order is shipped or the invoice is settled. In the meantime, the collected bonus points will appear in your bonus points account as "Bonus points not yet confirmed".

When do bonus points expire?

Bonus points expire only if no further purchase has been made within 180 days. Within this period, one order is sufficient to continue collecting bonus points or to redeem the collected bonus points. In any case, you always have a detailed overview of the bonus points in your customer account.

Can bonus points be paid out?

No, bonus points are only intended to be used when placing an order. Bonus points can also not be passed on.

Where can I find the advertiser code and what is it?

If you are logged in, you can find the referral code under Your account > Your referral participation. You can pass this code on to friends and acquaintances, regardless of whether they are already customers or have just registered. If they enter your code on the shopping cart page, you will receive pro-rata bonus points:

Field for the referral code

Are there any limits to redemption?

The minimum and maximum values for the redemption of bonus points are displayed in the shopping cart directly at the possibility to redeem bonus points.

What happens to the bonus points when I return the orderd goods them?

In case of returns, the bonus points for the returned product will be charged back . When an order is revoked, the bonus points are also revoked.