Original Japanese Tamaryokucha
Tamaryokucha (jap. 玉緑茶) is composed of the words, Tama = gemstone, ryoku = green and cha = tea. Tamryokucha is also often found under the name Guricha (Guri = curly, crimped). The "curly, puckered" leaves resemble more a Chinese green tea than the usually stretched leaves of a Japanese green tea. The Tamaryokucha gets its Japanese character from an intense grassy taste, which usually reminds of berries or almonds. As the tannins and bitter substances in Tamaryokucha are very low, this tea is ideal for beginners in the world of Japanese green tea. Its high quality is also very popular with true connoisseurs. Unlike Sencha, Tamaryokucha is not needle rolled before drying, the tea leaves are left in their original, comma-shaped form.
Suikyo Woodwind Oolong Tamaryokucha (organic)
Dieser Tee ist biozertifiziert
The Suikyo Woodwind impresses with its clear infusion, fine fragrance and lightness.
(50 gram)
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This tea is known for its strong aroma.
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