Japanese Kabusecha Tea
Kabusecha (Japanese ぶ せ 茶 茶, covered tea) is a Japanese half-shade tea.

A shading of the tea plant to quality improvement has a tradition in Japan. In the region of Kagoshima in southern Japan with the active volcano Sakurajima, the tea shrubs are covered with special cultivations with appropriate nets for the shading (Japanese kabuseru). The nets are handcrafted and leave about half of the sunlight through. A growth in half shade is closest to the natural light conditions of a wild tea-shrub.

In terms of content, the semi-shade tea has more active ingredients and has a particularly fragrant and fresh aroma. Kabusecha, which combines the characteristics of Gyokuro and Sencha, is prepared with approximately 12 grams of Kabusecha (≈ five teaspoons) per liter of soft water at a temperature of around 70 ° C. The drawing time is about three minutes. You will find an exact preparation recommendation for each tea in the product description.
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