Matcha Latte at a Café

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Welcome to the exciting world of matcha! We are delighted to be able to offer you not just plain matcha, but first-class, certified organic matcha from Japan.

We have been embarking on the matcha adventure since 2005 and were one of the pioneers in Europe to offer authentic Japanese matcha back then. Since 2011, we have been supplying not only Europe, but the entire globe - wholesalers and retailers, restaurants, ice cream producers, hotels, yoga and fitness studios and industry - with our high-quality organic matcha. Our matcha for wholesalers comes to us directly from the producer in Japan, without any detours via middlemen.

We are happy to share our extensive knowledge and many years of matcha enthusiasm with you! As our valued business partner, you can expect not only attractive prices and flexible minimum order quantities, but also the opportunity to design our matcha as your very own private label or white label product - everything to make your individual matcha dreams come true!

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  • Please create a customer account here.
  • Send us your trade license or a link to your website with imprint preferably by e-mail to or by post.
  • After receipt of your trading license we will generally activate your reseller account within 24 hours.
  • We will inform you by e-mail about everything else.
  • After activation, you will receive detailed information on the preparation of various Matcha drinks, recipe tips and preparation recommendations especially for cafés.

Of course we want to support you in the best possible way. It is important that your business field is directly related to our area of expertise. For example, sectors such as tea stores, yoga studios, restaurants, cafés and hotels are a perfect fit for us. However, business areas such as insurance brokerage, the pet food trade or the washing machine trade are less suitable. Thank you for your understanding and your cooperation! Please contact us if you have any questions.

Further information for resellers:

What is Matcha actually?

Matcha is an exquisite powdered green tea from Japan. The leaves of the tea bush are carefully shaded before harvesting, then carefully steamed, freed from branches, leaf veins and stems and finally ground into a fine powder. More detailed information on matcha can be found on our information page Matcha is Japanese and is made up of mat = ground and cha = tea, i.e. "ground tea". It is therefore unnecessary to say "matcha tea", as it translates as "ground tea tea". 

What is a matcha latte?

The matcha latte undoubtedly represents the preferred method of preparation in cafés. Carefully prepared matcha is combined with milk or milk alternatives. The preparation is very similar to that of a latte macchiato, except that a similar amount of prepared matcha is used instead of espresso. The drink can then be further refined by adding sugar, syrup, fruit or fruit puree, ice cubes or ice cream. For aesthetic reasons, this drink is usually served in a tall glass and can also be presented attractively with latte art.

Matcha preparation and duration

The traditional preparation of matcha or a matcha latte takes about the same amount of time as the preparation of a cappuccino. The fine powder is placed in a bowl, poured over hot water and then whisked with a bamboo whisk to create a delicious, frothy drink. Although it takes a little practice, the artisanal preparation will undoubtedly be appreciated by your guests.

What accessories do I need for preparation?

With a matcha bowl, a bamboo whisk and a bamboo spoon, preparation is child's play. We offer special accessories for the preparation of many matcha drinks or many matcha lattes in the catering trade so that preparation is quick, easy and guaranteed.

Can my staff learn how to make it quickly?

We provide a guide for your staff to ensure that they can prepare and present the matcha in the best possible way.

Who is my target group for Matcha & Matcha Latte?

Matcha, and especially matcha latte, is particularly popular with the younger generation, who attach particular importance to health and are looking for a tasty and better alternative to latte macchiato or cappuccino.

Does matcha have to be labeled as an allergen?

No, matcha, i.e. green tea, is not an allergen. Even if matcha contains a high amount of caffeine, it does not need to be mentioned separately on the menu due to its high caffeine content. The labeling requirement does not apply to caffeinated drinks based on coffee, tea or coffee or tea extract. (this does not constitute legal advice, but merely reflects our opinion)

Where and how else can I use matcha?

Matcha is extremely versatile. You can use it in cakes, ice cream, smoothies, desserts and even in hot dishes to surprise your guests with flavorful sophistication.

Matcha Latte cake
Matcha Ice Cream


Thank you for your interest in original Japanese organic matcha from matchashop!