Matcha from Matcha Magic

Matcha from Matcha Magic
Matcha Magic, standing for energy, represents green caffeine.

The special Tencha tea leaves used for Matcha Magic are exclusively sourced from certified organic farms in Kagoshima and Aichi in southern Japan. 

We guarantee:
  • Exquisite organic matcha quality from certified organic farms
  • Continual laboratory analyses for complete food safety
  • Seamless traceability, from the tea bush to the end customer
  • Exclusive processing of organic matcha from Kagoshima and Aichi in southern Japan
  • Long-term contracts with local organic tea farmers guarantee sustainable quality
  • Two-level shade for the tea bushes during the last 25 days prior to the harvest
  • Careful grinding with granite mills to form the finest powder (approx. 30 g/h)
  • Further processing and packaging in an IFS-certified facility
  • Natural green caffeine from matcha, which stimulates without irritating
  • Innovative and modern products, far from classic tea ceremonies, as well
  • Best prices while maintaining the highest quality
  • 100% made in Japan
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