Matcha from Teelirium

Matcha from Teelirium

The specialist in original Japanese matcha tea

Since 2004, Teelirium - matchashop own's brand - has been providing the most exquisite, original Japanese matcha tea from certified organic farms along with the appropriate accessories for stylish matcha preparation. We source both our matcha tea and the accessories directly from the grower in Japan and maintain a close relationship with the producer. This enables us to guarantee the extraordinary quality of all of our teas.

Why you should buy matcha from Teelirium

Sadly, there are many imitations and tea powders that are sold under the name ‘matcha.’ This means that not everything sold as ‘matcha’ is real matcha tea. Ground green tea powder sold as ‘matcha’ is found on the market all the time. As matcha is not a protected name, any ground green tea powder can be labelled as matcha even if it really has nothing to do with true matcha tea.  For example, a comparison between ‘Matcha’ from other countries and original Japanese matcha can be found at the following link: (geman only)

Teelirium offers original, organic Japanese matcha tea!

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